GEORGE'S PLASMA CUTTER SHOP - Repair Buy Sell Trade       We Do A Lot Of Cutting Up On The Job
Hi there,My name is George and I sell new and used Plasma Cutters, Plasma cutter torches, Consumables, Plasma cutter parts, Mig welders, welding helmets, Etc.
My Ebay Name is Mechanic416
All the plasma cutters and welders I sell are checked, repaired and tested before it is put on Ebay for sale.
All plasma cutters and welder power units are warrantied for 90 days unless other wise stated.
How many people do you know on Ebay that offers a warranty on there repaired and used plasma cutters and welders.
I stand behind my work and what I sell.Even after the warranty runs out I am here to help.
If you need more information or pictures on any item I have posted on Ebay or if there is something you need and don't see it posted please feel free to contact me about the item you are looking for, I will be happy to help you anyway I can. call 1-302-690-6995 
Thank you, George
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